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20TH CENTURYQuick simulations on Indian independence, the Berlin Wall, apartheid, and more


World History Activators

Student groups tackle problems confronted by various 20th-century peoples in six whole-class simulations that all use practical concerns to illustrate larger conflicts. For example, in the lesson on Indian independence, students have to decide how best to divide India, and on what basis; and in the lesson on the Long March, students role-playing either Nationalists or Communists must create propaganda posters to enlist the support of the Chinese people, and then make decisions on how to survive the march. Other topics include apartheid, the Berlin Wall, the Oslo Accords, and the UN First World Conference of Women. The activators provide lesson plans, background essays, handout masters, graphic organizers, and classroom schematics (when applicable), and can be accomplished in one or two class periods. Grades 6–12. 8½" x 11". Interact. ©2013.

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This Title is part of the Series: WORLD HISTORY ACTIVATORS

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