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Communities Make Decisions

Nail ELA and social studies standards as students create a community and role-play members working together as a democracy. Students tackle local government and civics issues as they examine the responsibilities of citizens and leaders in their community.

Lay a solid foundation for developing strong reading and writing skills as students explore culture and traditions to establish an identity for their community. Students practice speaking and listening skills, such as debating and compromising, in the unit's critical incident as they work to resolve a conflict when the construction of a shopping mall is proposed.


  • Teacher's handbook
  • Reproducible handouts
  • Student portfolio
  • Content slide sets
  • Electronic version
Grades 3–5.

Sample pages

Storypath Common Core correlations

Also available as a boxed unit with physical copies of the content cards and student portfoliosstorypath stp35

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
STP560-WBINT 9781560046042 Teacher's guide, CD $89.95
STP560E-WBINT Downloadable version (zip file; 100 MB) $89.95
STP160-WBINT Boxed unit $150.00

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